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Painless patient communication

Communication solutions for clinics & healthcare

Hi Clinic Owner.

Experience communication solutions tailored to the unique challenges of clinics and healthcare providers; from telephone answering to appointment booking.

We understand the struggles you face, from juggling appointment schedules to keeping your patients up to date. That’s why we’re here! We offer specialist clinic and healthcare communication solutions that make your life easier.
Whether you need help simplifying appointment schedules, ensuring timely updates reach the right people, or quite simply filling up your clinic diary! You can rely on us to support your practice every step of the way, so you can focus on what really matters

Diary integration
Personalised solutions
Reduce your overheads
Delegate, Prioritise
24/7 support
What can our clinic & healthcare call answering and communications solutions service
do for you?
From surgeons to dental clinics to care homes, your patients will receive professional support from an experienced virtual PA 24/7.

Appointment booking

Using the latest technology we can book your patients straight away, integrating with most major diary platforms.

Telephone answering

By outsourcing your clinic call handling services, you can leave client communications to experts who have the time, resources, and training to handle conversations and queries effortlessly.

Web chat

Engage with a real agent through our management webchat service, providing your website visitors with seamless and personalised interactions for their healthcare enquiries.

Why choose our communications solutions?

Reduce your overheads

Outsourcing your communications to us is a cost-effective way to ensure you never miss an enquiry, without the costs associated with employing extra staff.

Free up time for you and your team

While you and your team focus on your patients and running your business, you can trust us to deal with the rest.

Avoid patient no-shows

Improve attendance with personalised, customisable patient reminders.

We've chatted about us; now let's talk about you!

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Our efficient onboarding process ensures a swift setup to minimise disruptions to your clinic’s operations. Speak us today and we’ll get the ball rolling straight away!

Our 90-day onboarding process includes comprehensive discussions to understand the specifics of your clinic, ensuring a tailored approach, along with regular account reviews to make sure you’re getting what you really need from us.

We seamlessly integrate with popular clinic industry platforms such as Cliniko, PracticePal, Fresha, PPS, Semble, and Zoneeee, to name just a few.

We prioritise transparency, commitment, and delivering genuine value to our customers. A 7-day free trial simply isn’t long enough for us to really get to know you and your clinic.  Instead, we have opted for a more customer-centric approach through our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Our system provides the flexibility to record calls for quality purposes.  If you’d prefer not to record calls, we can switch the recording facility off.  

We offer flexible billing options to suit your needs, ensuring transparency and cost-effectiveness. Speak to us today and we’ll work with you to create the ideal package for your needs.

If you’re not happy with our service, we’ll speak to you about where you feel we’ve let you down and if we’re unable to put things right in a two-week period, we’ll give you your subscription fee back, plus the value of any unused minutes, chats or hours for the month.

Get in touch with our friendly team and let's see if we're a great fit for each other

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